you become a Shimanchu(島人=Okinawa islander).  

Shimanchu consists of 3 elements; ocean, mountain, and sky.

Ocean: uminchu

Uminchu means ocean-person in okinawan.  Enjoy the beautiful beach, waves, and the famous sunset at our private island where you can sip on pinacolada and relax at the bar. We also prepared activities such as yoga, kayaking, and paddle boarding. 

Location: Hanari, Shioya-ku, Maeda, Okinawa, Japan


forest: Morinchu

Morinchu means "forest-person" in Okinawan. Stay in the treehouse you always dreamed of- it is the perfect get-away from your hectic everyday life. Go on a river trekking, find the secret waterfall to jump in, and let the cool water detoxify your mind and body. 

If you are up for the extra adventures, try catching shrimps in the big waterfall in Shizogumui.

100 years ago in Taisho period, they used to cut wood using a watermill they had at the waterfall. We wanted to make that happen again for the community so we are working on making the watermill at the location. 

Two locations for enjoying the forest: 1. Shizogumui waterfall house 2. Genka River Tree House


 1. Shizogumui : 

2. Ganka River Tree House:


sky: Soranchu

Soranchu means "sky-person" in Okinawan. You are on top of the cliff looking down the ocean- makes you think you are flying in the sky. Go hike in this vast cape and the river which leads into the sea, and find your favourite spot. 

We are currently in the process of making an outside pool on top of a cliff. Who wants to be the first one to jump into the pool with me?

This cape is the home for Ryukyu mountain turtles, which is an endangered specie- we are using this area for the eco-resort to save their lives. 

Location: Takae, Okinawa, Japan