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12-Square Floating DNA Cat Walk Installed on The Tree


Introducing...12-Square Floating DNA Cat Walk on the tree.

This will connect the ground and the tree deck, which makes our resort accessible for wheelchairs. 

The designer got the design idea from structure of vertebrates with backbone and ribs.

Photo credit: @tamaki_ nakajima _okinawa (instagram)

Photo credit: @tamaki_nakajima_okinawa (instagram)

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Egg Treehouse Installed on The Tree


Egg Treehouse project started in 2015, when our treehouse builder/architect thought of an idea and made a small mockup model egg-house with papers and wood. What is special about this house? This egg is actually a “boat“! We asked a yacht builder to build this egg house, tested as a boat legally over many years, and finally installed the house on top of a strong tree in the jungle of Okinawan yambaru in Nago, Okinawa.

Watermill from 100 Years Ago Rebuilt


We re-built the water mill after the original one was taken down 100yrs years ago in Shizogumui waterfall.

Thank you for making an amazing watermill, Yamaguchi-san, a professional watermill builder.

We are here to support the locals and flourish the area again! 


Featured on TV! 


On December 27th, our tree houses was featured on the TV show "Nandemo-Kanteidan" (meaning=We Judge How Much Your Stuff Is Worth) on TV Tokyo. 

Shizogumui Watermill Remaking Project Started After 100Years


Shizogumui, located in Takae ward in Okinawa, 100 years ago in Taisho period, was used to cut woods with watermill using the water power from the waterfall. 

To explain the name origin, "Shizo" means "lumbering" and "gumui" means "waterfall" or "pond" in old Okinawan language. 

Talking to the locals of Takae, we decided to revive the watermill at Shizogumui. 

We researched and found out that one of the few professional watermill builders in Japan lives in Yamagata prefecture, so we visited him, Yamaguchi-san, in November to ask him to make one for us. He is now building an amazing waterfall. 

To use the watermill, we needed a water tunnel for the water to fall down onto the mill. We talked to many locals and found out the location next to the waterfall. 

We dug the hole with our hands for about 2 days, and we finally finished making the tunnel.

Next step is to get rid of the concrete blocks someone put on the beautiful nature, and wait for Yamaguchi-san's watermill to arrive. 

SOGO Fitness Holds Fitness Retreat at Treeful Eco-Resort


The largest fitness community in Tokyo, Suns Out Guns Out, a.k.a. SOGOTKO, held a fitness retreat on September 21st to 25th, 2016, in Okinawa. The retreat included activities including sunrise run, cave snorkelling, beach yoga+bootcamp, river marshal arts training, shrimp catching competition, and sunset BBQ. 

To know more about their activities and future fitness retreat, check their website below.