Treeful Treehouse EcoResort is located in Nago city in the northern Okinawa main island, Japan.

Our concept is “Sustainable Luxury Treehouse Resort.”

The resort promotes and acts on creating the sustainable society by not using fossil fuels but using electricity instead, and producing more electricity with solar energy than used.

Their stylish treehouse, completely in the air with 360 degrees windows, yet with air-conditioning and beautiful interior design, is built on the side of Genka River, considered to have one of the clearest water in Japan - This is the pure luxury.

It is the nature that lets us alive, not the other way around. You can feel that by listening to the sound of the river and watching the lighting bug twinkle, on top of a tree in the treehouse.

Treeful Treehouse EcoResort is planning be completed to welcome guests in 2019.


We were created by the nature-it is time for us to give it back to the nature.

We aim to protect the nature by giving you a chance to rethink about co-living with the nature by providing experiences and education.

We co-operate with Okinawa locals to improve their area environmentally, culturally, and economically.

Our Story

Hello, I am Maha, the co-founder of Treeful. Let me tell you our story of how this tree house eco-resort project came together.

Since I was little, my father always took me to mountains, ocean, and river and taught me how to enjoy and play in the nature. He was also taught the same by his parents, so my dad and I both wanted to give back to nature to show our appreciation.

In 2013, we decided to stay in a treehouse in Costa Rica, and we were amazed.

Then, we decided to make an eco-system that saves the environment by human co-living with nature - “Let’s make a treehouse village in Japan!“

We knew where to build it right away; Okinawa, where the rich untouched nature still remains. 

We started from finding appropriate trees, measuring the size, and building the base. 

Now we are in the process of building 3 treehouses and a luxury AERO HOUSE next to the treehouse.

We have more proceeding projects cooperating with locals including; getting rid of concrete blocks in the mountain to bring back the natural landscape, re-building a watermill that was lost a 100 years ago in Shizogumui waterfall, building a bar on our island, and more, for people to learn, enjoy, and appreciate the nature. 

We are planning to open our resort in 2019 - We are very excited to meet you all in person!

It all started with choosing the right trees for the tree house.

It all started with choosing the right trees for the tree house.

Our first tree house is being built...!

Our first tree house is being built...!