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Immerse yourself in the beautiful nature of Okinawa by staying at our tree house.




About us (English below)

Treeful Treehouse EcoResort (ツリーフル ツリーハウスエコリゾート)は、沖縄本島北部・名護市にあり、コンセプトは「サステイナブル(持続可能な)・ラグジュアリー(贅沢)・ツリーハウスリゾート」。


Treeful Treehouse EcoResortは、2019年にグランドオープニング予定

ツリーハウスの場所: https://goo.gl/maps/XVyrxPrvVhL2

About us

Treeful Treehouse EcoResort is located in Nago city in the northern Okinawa main island, Japan.

Their concept is “Sustainable Luxury Treehouse Resort.”

The resort promotes and acts on creating the sustainable society by not using fossil fuels but using electricity instead, and producing more electricity with solar energy than used.

Their stylish treehouse, completely in the air with 360 degrees windows, yet with air-conditioning and beautiful interior design, is built on the side of Genka River, considered to have one of the clearest water in Japan - This is the pure luxury.

It is the nature that lets us alive, not the other way around. You can feel that by listening to the sound of the river and watching the lighting bug twinkle, on top of a tree in the treehouse.

Treeful Treehouse EcoResort is planning be completed to welcome guests in 2019.

Where we are located : https://goo.gl/maps/XVyrxPrvVhL2

We are not open for public yet!

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Watch the drone video of our island above if you are looking at this website on your phone.